Beaky Bingo is a game where you play with your eyes closed.

Review of Beaky Bingo

In the course of trying to evaluate any digital gambling platform, a number of ideas will first come to mind. The first of them is often characterized by the general feel of the website. Serious? Lighthearted? Ridiculous? Inappropriate? Dust Bowl USA is just that: basic and simple. Weird? In the case of Beaky Bingo, it falls squarely under the genre of lighter entertainment. Even if we’re not experts in tropical birds, the affable parrot serves as a sort of mascot for the company, and you can practically envision him squawking witty jokes at you as youre playing. However, there is an issue, and it is one that extends well beyond the question of whether or not this brand concept makes any logical sense.

Beaky Bingo seems to have been created in the late 1990s, based on the overall design. A primitive, unpolished design is used throughout, creating an overall feeling of something being, shall we say, a bit “worn out.” There are significant differences in quality across the typeface, images, outline, and background colors, which is notable given that we’ve examined quite a few slot-only sites over the years and they typically seem like the back room of a bar that’s seen better days, and this is especially true here.

It’s all about logic, not appearances.

Thanks to its focus on usefulness rather than aesthetics, the site makes up for its lack of visual appeal by emphasizing logic as a central design principle across the site. There are things, and by things, we mean choices, click-through connections, and information, all of which are in the places you would expect them to be. Given that this does not scream “unique,” there is a very good reason why so many casino and bingo sites utilize the exact same design, and it has absolutely nothing to do with driving poor, needy reviewers like us insane with boredom.

Simply said, if something isn’t broken, there isn’t much purpose in even considering fixing it in the first place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fast or not. Thus, while scrolling down the landing page of the website, you first notice the corporate branding and logo, followed by a row of menu items, which you may click on to be taken to certain sections of the website. On the other hand, behind all of this, there is something completely unique — and by unique we mean grasping at straws of everything you could ever desire – in the form of an internet radio station devoted to gambling soundtracks. Even if we don’t know what this means in detail, we can state with certainty that anybody searching for anything even vaguely innovative will be disappointed.

Following that, you’ll see a giant banner advertisement touting the website’s sign up offer, which isn’t half awful by any means, but we’ll get to it later. After that, you’ll find a variety of thumbnail picture links that, once again, will take you to various sections of the website. Not innovative, this approach to website design is certainly sensible; it’s just a pity that the site seems to be seen through a very weak, grainy camera lens, which causes clarity to be a problem and picture quality to be really low, to put it mildly. First impressions might lead one to believe that this was once a magnificent building, but that it has fallen into decay.

What Is the Gameplay Like?

Yes, it is a valid point. I think we’ve covered all we wanted to concerning the site design. Nobody could ever convince us that design is not important as a significant part of a review, and we would never agree with such a claim. Still, we’re all here to play games, so let’s get into what these games are like, shall we? Although not a horrible choice, it is by no means the finest one available. To make matters worse, the website once again has the appearance of being a less-than-professional effort… You’re right, of course.

When you choose the Games option from the top menu row, you will be sent directly to the first tab in the games section, which is titled Featured Games. Here you’ll find a tiny selection of games that have been featured, most likely owing to their popularity and (maybe more importantly) the website’s goal to attract you to play these particular games.

Slots with special features and progressive jackpots

Click on the Featured Slots link from here one and you’ll be taken to that page. Again, these are games that are actively being promoted to you for a variety of reasons, and it does help to distinguish the slots from the rest of the games even in the Featured context, because some people will only be here for slots and nothing else, and this allows them to immediately see which slots are the most highly recommended without having to trawl through any other type of game.

The Jackpot Slots are the next tab over, and they’re quite self-explanatory as well. Okay, so maybe it isn’t as self-explanatory as it should be considering that all slots feature jackpots, so let’s be a little more specific- these are the slots that provide accumulative wins. One of the tabs above offers you Scratch Cards, which are exactly what they sound like: digital versions of the scratch cards you buy in corner shops that you scratch to see if you’ve won (or click and watch some basic animation show you what would happen if you scratched these cards if they were real scratch cards).

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