Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? Slot Overview: Megapays

This may sound like a silly question, but some individuals aren’t all that keen about being wealthy. Consider the Russian mathematician and problem-solver Grigori Perelman. Many people thought the Poincaré conjecture was unsolvable, but Grigori Perelman proved them wrong by solving it. He was given medals and $1 million for his efforts, both of which he refused. It’s not entirely obvious where Perelman is at the moment, but you can bet that he’s busy solving the kind of problems that would make most folks go cross-eyed.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megapays, a slot machine from Big Time Gaming, offers players the chance to win a million dollars, a prize that is far more appealing to most gamblers. Players can reduce their risk by not placing the maximum wager, unlike the classic version. This is because, after Bonanza Megapays, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is the second slot machine to be linked to the Megapays progressive jackpot network. Not as well-known as Mega Moolah, but might that change given BTG’s games’ innate appeal?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a popular game show that has been broadcast in many different formats all over the world, but has found its greatest success in the United Kingdom. If you can make it to the finish, you will be a billionaire. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megapays is otherwise identical to the original game, down to the Free Spins Gamble structure that was integrated into it. The game grid is surrounded by the same dark, minimalist stylings as the show, and the graphics are otherwise identical.

Standard Megaways-powered panels typically have 6 reels with 2-7 symbols each and 1 horizontal bonus reel with 4 symbols. Every time the reels spin, a fresh combination of symbols will appear, increasing the number of possible paylines from 324 to 117,749. The numbers are also comparable, albeit the RTP is greater at 96.38% and covers the new jackpots at 9.44. Even though the Megapays feature now only activates in the regular game, the volatility remains quite high, especially during free spins. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megapays is playable on any device, with stakes ranging from 40 p/c to £/€30 each spin.

There are ten standard pay symbols, including four diamonds and nine low-pay royals. For six of a type, a diamond is worth 50 times the wager, while the other three jewels are worth between 2 and 7.5 times the wager, respectively. The lower bonus reel is home to trippy wild symbols that may be exchanged for other pay symbols to help form winning combinations.

Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? Slot Machines with Huge Payouts

With the word “Megapays” in the headline, many players will be putting their money where their mouth is in the hopes of winning big. Players may benefit from reaction winnings, free spins with a progressive win multiplier, and the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble while they wait for the Megapays feature to activate.

Every time conventional ways win, reactions are triggered, making them the Robin to Megaways’ Batman. As the winning symbols are eliminated from the game grid, others fall into their places. The response feature keeps on working, removing rewards one by one until no more wins occur.

Get three Millionaire scatters to activate the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble and win eight free spins. If more than three scatters are needed to activate the feature, players will begin the Hot Seat Gamble in a higher position. Players place bets by using the ‘Final Answer’ button after selecting either the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’ button. If your bet pays off, you’ll climb up the ladder and unlock more free spins; if it doesn’t, you’ll fall to the bottom and lose them all. A free bet on rung 2 or rung 7 will earn you 10 or 20 more spins, respectively.

Players get access to three “lifelines,” or second chances, much like in the show. By selecting “Phone a Friend,” the most likely right response is highlighted; by selecting “50-50,” two wrong answers are eliminated; and by selecting “Ask the Audience,” the probability of each answer is shown. The ‘Walk Away’ option allows players to collect their free spins without having to gamble them.

Once the free spins bonus round has begun, a multiplier will be applied to all wins. The victory multiplier starts at x1 and keeps going up by +1 after every action. The only time the bonus reel has scatter symbols is during the free games. If you get 3, you get +4 more spins, and if you get 4, you get +8 extra spins.

Now, the four jackpots that make up the Megapays feature, which high-rollers have been waiting for. If the Megapays feature activates on a paid spin, the action will quickly transition from the game show setting to a bright and cheery Las Vegas one. In the Megapays feature, just one of the pay symbols (9–A) appears briefly on the screen. Then, the selected symbol is added to a pool while a 6×7 reel set rotates for a chance to win. When no more Megapays symbols appear, the bonus round finishes, and if at least four have been collected, the player wins a jackpot.

The Mini jackpot (€100 seed value) is won by collecting 4-7 Megapays symbols.

The Midi jackpot is awarded for accumulating 8-11 Megapays symbols (€1,500 seed value).

The Major jackpot (€20,000 seed value) is won by getting 12 to 14 Megapays symbols.

The Mega jackpot (€300,000 seed value) is won by getting 15 or more Megapays symbols in a single spin.

Keep in mind that the Megapays function disables the response mechanic and does not pay out for matching symbols on the grid. The goal is to get as many Megapays symbols as possible in a single spin.

Casino Game Result for Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Megapays

The original Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game was rumored to have been planned as a jackpot slot that was ultimately scrapped. Players who were left wanting more had to wait three years, but now they may enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of both the hot seat and Megapays in a single machine. Since Megapays is an add-on feature, it hasn’t significantly altered the gameplay of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megapays.

The Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble is just as much of a coin flip as it was in the original Who Wants to Be a Millionaire slot machine. If you get the first question wrong, all of your free spins will be taken away immediately. When the so-called “lifelines” seem to work just as much against you as they do for you, having 50 spins is a lot and will not be simple to reach. The possibility of up to 72,310 times the bet during free spins is enticing, in comparison to a respectable 14,600x in the regular game. However, the major reason many players would queue up to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megapays is because you cannot activate Megapays from free spins.

The Mega Jackpot still has a long way to go before it can compete with games like Mega Moolah, where it starts at £1,000,000. Big Time Gaming, on the other hand, has come out swinging in an effort to compete in the jackpot game industry by offering a much higher RTP and a more engaging experience. The studio is pulling out all the stops to attract the jackpot crowd after upgrading what is widely considered the most important Megaways game of all time (Bonanza Megapays) to one of the most popular game shows on television.

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